Warning: Dizziness May Occur


  1. Wow! 4 handsome growing nephews, a new house, visits with Dad- a lot of fun! Captured by a very creative Mom! Thanks! Love, dawn

  2. Ha Ha! I love it Jenn. it must be so fun having four boys sometimes. I really like the pictures of the boys at work with Mark and of course the ones of them spinning together. I can’t believe how Jackson seems so grown up now that Aiden is around! I am glad you blogged!

  3. This was just another burst of energy after being cooped up inside during a very dark and rainy weekend. Plus all four have been sick this week with everything from stomach flu to fevers and croup. YUCK!

    As far as my creativity? Yeah, that has more to do with the new imovie ’09, very fun, intuitive and quick to put something like this together. I can’t take any credit!

    Can’t wait to see you this summer Dawn!

  4. Yeah, Jack really identifies with his older brothers and wants to do what they do, it can be very helpful at times. Plus, he learns lots of independence at the Montessori.

    I take the boys to Hamot some nights when he is on call and we have dinner at the “hop-i-pull” as Jackson calls it. Mark always buys them an ice cream sandwich. 🙂

  5. Cute pics and video, thanks for sharing. Is that pictures of the new house?

  6. They sure look boring. When are you going to send some action? Thanks Jenn & Mark we really appreciate seeing them in ACTION. Hope to see you sometime this summer. Lots of Love and Blessings Graandma & Grandpa California

  7. yes, that’s the “new” house in north platte. are u guys still thinking of coming for labor day?

  8. we should skype sometime! i know there’s a 3 hour time difference. mark and i were just talking about a visit the other day. we want to make it work soon. of course, right now everything is about anesthesia school, but just until may!

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