The Pumpkin Kart

The Pumpkin Kart

Today the boys and I went to the pumpkin cart down the street where a pumpkin farmer drops off his pumpkins everyday.  We picked out our pumpkins and left our dollars in the money box and went home to start carving!  Tyler and Aaron carved their own pumpkins and I carved Jackson’s and Aiden’s according to their design.  Jackson’s pumpkin also has a carving of a little Jack on the back of his Jack-o-lantern face.  Aiden calls his a “pun-kin HEAD” and wanted to make sure that I carved eyebrows into his “pun-kin HEAD”.


  1. Good job boys! Those look like some great pumpkins!

  2. Those are some pretty scary looking pumpkin faces…should scare off the bunnies! Love, Grandma D

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