Recovering from my appendectomy…

It has been a crazy week here in Erie, with a delicious meatball sandwich (with homemade meatballs made by Jenn – awesome!) turning into “gas”, which eventually became appendicitis for me! I made it into the ER at my hospital without difficulty on Monday morning, and they eventually diagnosed me with appendicitis (after both IV and rectal contrast – uh, no further comment needed…). I was able to get scheduled fairly quickly, and was operated on just after 1pm on Monday. The surgeon who operated on me is one of our best general surgeons, and I knew I was in good hands with the anesthesia staff, all of whom offered me words of encouragement despite their surprise at having “one of their own” on the table in front of them.

It was interesting to experience this side of the surgery process, as I am so used to being the one calming my patients and keeping them safe throughout their procedure. I feel that I can now offer my patients a first-hand perspective from their world, as my observations and interactions can now fully incorporate what it is like to be the one being operated on!

I am relaxing at home now, and am grateful to Jenn for giving up the “comfy” chair so that I can stretch out my aching belly. I needed some good narcotics the first day and a half after surgery, but now my stomach feels more achy than painful. Ibuprofen and lots of relaxation seem to be doing my body good. It is difficult watching my six-months pregnant wife picking up everything over 20 pounds (which definitely includes Jackson and his big brothers!), but I am reminded of having abdominal surgery anytime I overextend myself. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for me, Jenn, and the boys this week!