Project: Guinea Pig

Project: Guinea Pig

The other day Tyler, Aaron and I put Butterscotch (our temporary pet guinea pig from Tyler’s class at school) into a towel-lined laundry basket and drove him to Furr-N-Purr where the poor animal experienced a major makeover. This long-haired guinea pig received a bath, haircut and nail trimming. Tyler and I have been looking up facts about guinea pigs and he is recording his research in a notebook. He will bring Butterscotch and his research back to Ms. Lisa’s class in the fall. Below are Butterscotch’s before and after pictures.


  1. Great Job Tyler! Your writing is getting very good. I hope Butterscotch has recovered from the bath and haircut.

    Grandpa Ray

  2. How exciting to have a pet! Butterscotch definitely looks more elegant after the beauty shop! Diana Grandma

  3. Hi Tyler! I am finally getting to look at Butterscotch’s summer photos! What a GREAT job you did taking care of him. He looks great! (Maybe you could take ME for a spa day too??!!) Thanks so much!! AND your research was also amazing!!

  4. Thanks Miss Lisa, I read your comment to Tyler and he smiled and blushed. 🙂

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