Aiden’s Tubing Mantra

Aiden’s Tubing Mantra

Tubing in Frisco: Aiden’s mantra:

“I will ride with Terri-grandma and she will face backwards and I will face forwards and we will go on the little hill and we will not spin.”











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Tyler’s Funny Thought

Leaving WalMart with my four boys, and the alarm goes off and the employee checks my bags and receipt.  Nothing.  We’re good.  We are loading ourselves into the minivan and Tyler suddenly stops as a realization hits him.  He says, “Mommy, I think I know why the alarm went off!  I put the peaches and the nectarines in the same bag.”

And of course, Aiden buckled his own seatbelt for the first time that day!  My sons are so grown up!

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There’s a Tooth in My Mac ‘n’ Cheese

There’s a Tooth in My Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Jackson has had his first “wiggly tooth” for the past couple weeks and it fell out tonight while we were out for a family dinner at Whiskey Creek! He cried because it hurt a little and because there was some blood and he couldn’t find the tooth. Mark located the tooth on Jackson’s lap and we all cheered and Jackson felt better. He learned that losing teeth isn’t a crisis but a cause to celebrate. May be a lesson to all of us that although change is sometimes unexpected, painful and little messy, it’s part of growing up, growing older and moving forward.






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Jingle Bell 5K Christmas Superhero Family

Jingle Bell 5K Christmas Superhero Family





This morning out family ran in the annual Jingle Bell Run 5k! We won the prize for most original costumes!! We were a family of Christmas Superheroes! Bat woman, Thor, Spider-Man, SuperDad, Super T and Batman! I’m proud of my crew!!

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Simplistic, Intelligent Logic of a 4 year old

Simplistic, Intelligent Logic of a 4 year old

Like many conversations with my sons, this documentation is not a political or religious commentary on anything.  It is simply the attempt to record snippets of funny, insightful, surprising dialogue between parents and children.  I realize this conversation could have been more complicated if adults were talking, but they weren’t.  This conversation was the result of the simplistic, intelligent logic of a 4 year old.

After dinner and a bath and helping Aiden get dressed…..

Aiden: “When do boys turn into girls?”
What? Where did that come from?

Mommy: “Boys don’t turn into girls.  If you were born a boy, then you’re a boy.  Do you want to be a girl?”
Heck, maybe he does, I don’t know!

Aiden: “No, I’m a boy. Well, how did God make us?”

Mommy: “God made you in my tummy.”
Not quite ready for the sex talk with my four year old.

Aiden: “Well, how could She do that?”
Mommy, speechless and trying not to laugh. 🙂

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