My Crazy Boys!

My Crazy Boys!

Here are a few recent pictures of the boys I thought you all might enjoy. There’s some real winners in here – everything from Aaron’s first Euro-Jump experience to Jackson’s amazing airtime off the living room couches – and even a very special “helmet” that Tyler made to protect his eyes and nose from toys he was flinging from a rubber band contraption that he created. This all, of course, transpired in the last week. Being in my third trimester now, I am barely keeping up!

Aaron does Euro-Jump for the first time at Discover Presque Isle DaysSweet Jack at the Mini Golf Course


  1. Thank you for sending these fun photos. It helps me imagine their days…and yours! Love, Diana

  2. So creative and active! Hang in there Jenn! But I’m afraid that it will be only more active next summer with 4 little brains and 8 moving legs:) Love, Dawn

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