Look, Mom! No training wheels!

Look, Mom! No training wheels!

The other day I took Aaron’s training wheels off his bike, at his request, and he practiced riding his two-wheel Spiderman bike down our grassy hill in the front yard.  Jackson followed suit but decided he wanted to practice more with his training wheels on.  The next day Aaron showed off his new skill to Daddy and the two of them went on a real bike ride on a nearby path through the cornfields.  Aaron practices everyday and loves riding his bike and can’t wait for Daddy to get home so they can ride bikes together!

Since the summer began, each morning I take Tyler, Aaron and Jackson to their swim lessons while Aiden and I watch from the baby pool at our Rec Center.  Tyler and Aaron have become really good swimmers and now Jackson is comfortable swimming with a life vest on.  Some afternoons we also visit the outdoor pool, too.  When we don’t go to the pool we usually play in the backyard with Lacy, the slip’n’slide, water balloons, blow-up pools, bikes, baseball, zipline, whatever!

Twice a week Tyler and Aaron attend a summer reading program at the library for an hour while I take the other boys around the block to the Childeren’s Museum to play.

This past Spring Mark built me an awesome garden with 6 raised beds.  I’m out there almost every day pulling weeds and checking out this experiment in our backyard.  It is so fun to have a vegetable and herb garden again (our last one was in Denver and it consisted of seeds that Tyler, Aaron and I tossed into a tilled area and we watched with curiosity to see what would grow!)  Tyler spends the most time out there with me now.  He is my nature boy, always curious about animals and plants.  He has picked a whole bowl of pea pods and two zucchinis so far.  We eat lettuce and spinach from our garden every day and can’t wait until the tomatoes, broccoli, corn, eggplant and cauliflower are ripe.  We also have a banana tree, which is Aaron’s, “the only thing in the garden I like to eat”, he says.  Of course, he also likes to eat the mint.  I love my herb garden, I wish I could bring it indoors for the winter….

Recently Mark unpacked the rest of his pottery studio and has been able to prepare some clay.  He threw some pots/vases, which he allowed Tyler and Aaron and Jackson to turn into a volcano (Tyler’s), and two castles (Aaron and Jackson’s).  They look really cool and the boys are having fun making them with Mark.

Mark has taken Tyler, Aaron and Jackson on three camping trips this summer: twice to Sutherland Reservoir and once to our basement for a popcorn/movie night in sleeping bags since there was a thunderstorm outside.  When passing other campsites on the campground they always point to the big campers and ask Mark why we don’t have a “tent” like that!

Aiden is talking so much, repeating any new words we ask him, too.  He also loves to growl and play pretend with his animals and among his other unintelligible noises is the unmistakable negative affirmation, “Mmm, mmm”, with or without a shake of his head and a scowl!  Recently Aiden took my camera battery off the charger and lost it.  I keep asking him where he put it and after looking under bean bags (I follow him around the house hoping he’ll lead me to it) and toys he says, “Battwee, bye bye”.  Well, these may be the last pictures that I share with you for a while!

Jackson, who is almost four, loves to play baseball and is always talking about how I am going to sign him up for baseball and race-car driving lessons.

Our boys are getting so big and they are so much fun, and great helpers around the house and yard, some of the time….


  1. Awesome pictures Jenn!

  2. thanks! good lookin’ boys! 🙂

  3. What a busy, fun summer it sounds like you are having! You are all growing so big. It will be great to have a bit of time in Oregon together.

  4. Absolutely awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your summer.

    Grandpa Ray

  5. We are looking forward to it! I just hope I find my camera battery before then!

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