Jackson Goes to School

Jackson Goes to School

Jackson started school this week and LOVES IT! He has already “phased in” as they call the adjustment strategy for new kids at the Montessori. He has only cried once and it was because he didn’t want to leave. The preschoolers all meet in the same new building now so Aaron is at school with Jackson in a different classroom. They hug each other when they see each other. 🙂 Here are some pictures of Jackson at school.


  1. Jackson, You’re so big now! I’m so glad you have fun at school! Love, Aunt Dawn

  2. He is a big boy! His teacher says he’s the most intuitive 2 year old she’s seen. She says he learns really fast and instinctively knows how to do many new things. He transitioned into school so well that Miss JoAnn says she wishes she had a classroom full of Jacksons! I found that a little surprising – he is very sweet but often he wears me out!

  3. How cute. Has he grown since I saw him last Saturday? I miss them already.

  4. Probably. Although he is one of the youngest in his toddler class he is the tallest one in there.

    Hopefully you can come out for Halloween!

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