Happy Birthday Aiden!

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Today is Aiden’s second birthday!  We had a costume party for him.  His little friends, Carrington, Presley, Kylie and Kori, and their families dressed up and came over for pizza and cake.  Mark made the cake and everyone voted on their favorite costumes.  Aiden is a bright little guy who recently started putting his broad vocabulary into full three to five word sentences.  He has quite the sense of humor, too.  He is verbal, animated, feisty, inquisitive and attentive.  He really doesn’t miss anything!  Plus he is adorable even though he still thinks he is still one!


  1. He cannot be 2! That is ridiculous. Looks like such a fun party. Love to see your boys faces. We of course miss you all like crazy! Happy Birthday Aiden!!

  2. What a fun party. Congratulations Aiden (and Mom!)

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