Halloween, Visitors, Aiden update

Halloween, Visitors, Aiden update

We recently enjoyed a wonderful visit from my mom (who helped us tremendously for a MONTH before, during and after Aiden’s birth), my dad and my beautiful sister, “Aunt Julie”.  Tyler, Aaron and Jackson enjoyed a fun Halloween trick-or-treating with “Papa”, “Aunt Julie”, Daddy, friends and neighbors.  Aiden was dressed as a bunny.

Yesterday Aiden rolled over for the first time and Aaron (who NEVER leaves Aiden’s side) witnessed it.  Later I saw Aiden roll over with ease, he is very strong and getting bigger every day.  He gave his first smiles to Aaron and later Mark and I saw him smile, too.

Tyler and Aaron have resumed their weekly swim lessons and are enjoying school, Jackson is loving playing in the snow and going to school in the morning and Aiden is down to 1 or 2 feedings a night. Yay!  Mark has received lots of very positive feedback at the hospital and he studies diligently for his boards he will take this May.  We are looking forward to a visit from Mark’s parents in a couple weeks and we can’t wait for our visit to Denver for the holidays!

Enjoy our latest pictures by clicking on the image below.

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  1. What on earth?!? Isn’t he only a month old? Rolling over and smiling! That is amazing.

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