Funny inventions, Aiden and me

Funny inventions, Aiden and me

Tyler is ALWAYS making interesting new things with his K’nex, his legos, a pile of boxes in our mudroom, it doesn’t matter, he seems to have an eye for the possibilities.  He is an inventor at heart.  Above are some pictures of his latest invention: an apple pealer/juicer.  He desperately wanted to try it out so I gave him an apple to see how the practical application turned out….over the course of a half an hour he used his K’nex apple juicer/peeler to reduce his apple down to what you see in the pictures, then he ate it!  He is an interesting little man.  His mind NEVER stops!  I think some day he may dream up a way to accomplish world peace!

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  1. Wonderful. Good job giving him an apple to experiment!! Keep encouraging him. See you this weekend

    Love Dad

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