Erie Land Lighthouse

Erie Land Lighthouse

We visited the Erie Land Light, the first lighthouse of Lake Erie. The structure that still stands here replaced the first two towers that were built on quicksand! The new tower, a 49-foot tall sandstone structure with a massive foundation, was completed in 1869. There is now a park nearby where we played for a while after visiting the lighthouse.

There are two other lighthouses we will try to visit this summer. The lighthouses warned ships and boats of their location and averted many tragedies for travelers. Of the approximately 1,700 shipwrecks recorded on Lake Erie, the locations of only about 277 are known. The boys are very interested in lighthouses and ghost ships at the moment. Right now we’re reading a fun book series called The Lighthouse Family.


  1. I’m so glad you like lighthouses! I like them too, and have visited quite a few. I love the books you are reading! Diana Grandma

  2. There is a good book about a brave girl and a lighthouse called Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by the Roops. There is also a Boxcar Children book, Lighthouse Mystery (might still be a little long for them, but I don’t know). Love, Diana Grandma

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