We went to Omaha for a fun weekend.  While Mark attended a conference I took the boys to the Omaha Zoo.  We stayed at a nice hotel with a buffet breakfast and an indoor swimming pool.  We stayed on the second floor of the hotel and the first time we got into the elevator we discovered that Aiden is deathly afraid of them.  He was fine waddling into the metal box behind his brothers.  He was fine when the door closed and even helped push buttons.  But when the tiny metal box began to move and his stomach dropped, he simply freaked out.  From then on, each time we hopped into the elevator he would cling to one of us, cry or scream when the elevator moved, and when it stopped he would nervously proclaim for everyone to hear, “We’re done?  We’re done?”









(For fun you could try saying “Elevaphobia” several times really fast.)

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  1. Poor baby…gifted child intense sensitivity example!

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