My Two Front Teeth

Tyler has recently had some major dental and orthodontic work done on his mouth (including the removal of 8 baby teeth, just like his mom).  I am amused and relieved to see that these difficult experiences of his have come out in his writing at school.  Overall he has processed these past several months very well and he seems to handle it all with humor rather than defeat.  He seems to really like his big “Sponge Bob” teeth, I guess most 7 year old’s would!  He flaunts them in pictures and writes about them in his papers at school.  Thank goodness he is not a teenager trying to deal with this crisis of appearance.  Then again, he takes after a mom who PROUDLY wore her neck-gear to elementary school.

Here is what his papers say (including the backsides which I did not put up):

Yesterday while I was brushing my teeth I made a very silly face with my teeth in the mirror.  My eye[s] were in two different ways.  One facing up and one facing down.  My front teeth were sticking out.  I showed my brother.

I have blue gray eyes.  I smile with my two front teeth sticking out.  I am 60 pounds.  I have blond hair.  I am seven years old.  My birthday is September 1st.  I am 4 feet tall and 6 inches.  I was born in 2002.