The Luby Howard Family Website/Blog was created by me, the mom, wife and web designer of the family.  Originally, I had incorporated this blog into our family website with the hope that family and friends might share in our lives even while we are so far away.  I tried to regularly post short but sweet updates about Mark and I and the boys, hoping that everyone reading would share their thoughts, comments, news, stories, jokes, anecdotes, whatever… but my objective changed.

Eventually, I began to find that I was probably the one having the most fun scrolling through old pictures and news from the last year about my boys and our family.  So, I have to say that my family blog has evolved into more of an online family scrapbook that I hope someday my boys and Mark and I will continue to enjoy and reflect upon.  We continue to welcome any and all involvement from family and friends, which only makes this chronology of life and stories richer and fuller for us all!  Since I rarely print out my digital pictures and I am decidedly and most definitely NOT a “scrap-booker”, I am fulfilled to find that I can use my online/web development skills to provide a place for my family’s daily life, history and celebrations to unfold and engage any and all who care now and later on…..

….and I hope some of our entries remind you of your own happy childhood memories.