A Denver Update for My Marky

A Denver Update for My Marky

We’re enjoying ourselves here in Denver though we really miss Mark!  The boys and I are doing our best to help my parents move into their beautiful new home – and at the very least we try really hard not to be in the way!  We’ve spent time with my folks and Mark’s parents so the kids get lots of Grandma and Grandpa time.  The boys have gotten to play with their cousins for some major wrestle-mania time to the point where Tyler didn’t even know whose head he was sitting on – um, what else do you expect when six boys ages 2 – 11 get together?  Plus the boys have gotten to play with my cousins’ kids (some are pictured above), aunts and uncles, old friends from Colorado Academy and my best friend’s baby girl – the beautiful Amelie.  We’ve found lots of time in between to play trains, make cookies and hang out with my sister Julie and her AWESOME hubby, Uncle David – who bought a special advent calendar for the boys with CHOCOLATE behind the daily windows.  Of course, on colder days we’ve taken a couple trips to the mall to play on the fruit, just to spend that excess energy that my boys seem to build up – I wish they could just transfer it to me!  Oh well.  Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Man do I miss you guys! I hadn”t seen Aiden in a week, and he already looks bigger and older! See you in two days!!!

  2. All Amelie has been saying is “Ask Jenn. Give Baby Aiden bottle.” She loves you guys! (So do we.)

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