Simplistic, Intelligent Logic of a 4 year old

Like many conversations with my sons, this documentation is not a political or religious commentary on anything.  It is simply the attempt to record snippets of funny, insightful, surprising dialogue between parents and children.  I realize this conversation could have been more complicated if adults were talking, but they weren’t.  This conversation was the result of the simplistic, intelligent logic of a 4 year old.

After dinner and a bath and helping Aiden get dressed…..

Aiden: “When do boys turn into girls?”
What? Where did that come from?

Mommy: “Boys don’t turn into girls.  If you were born a boy, then you’re a boy.  Do you want to be a girl?”
Heck, maybe he does, I don’t know!

Aiden: “No, I’m a boy. Well, how did God make us?”

Mommy: “God made you in my tummy.”
Not quite ready for the sex talk with my four year old.

Aiden: “Well, how could She do that?”
Mommy, speechless and trying not to laugh. 🙂