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Beautiful Day in North Platte

Beautiful Day in North Platte

What a beautiful day in North Platte, Nebraska! The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, fall is quickly turning to winter here but we’ve been graciously given a stretch of comfortable weather before the bone-chilling storms set in!

Grace. That’s what my sweet family of boys gave me today as I persisted to pursue a family photo day, since they seem to only happen every couple of years now. I do understand what my own sweet Dad went through to desperately try to preserve the precious moments of childhood and family as they slipped away like sand through an hourglass….no, I am not referring to the daytime soap, “Days of our Lives” but to the REAL…days….of…..our…..lives…..

Yep, they “grow up fast”, I’ve heard it so often, but have been able to relate to and understand that phrase for quite some time now. Thank you for pausing with me for a moment to enjoy and appreciate the moments that make up our memory, our history and the sum of who we are in each others’ lives!

May your own family photo day be a fun a stress-free event, if that is ever possible! 🙂

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