Posts made in July, 2011

Tyler’s Big Bike Ride

A couple days ago I took 4 boys, 3 bikes, 1 wagon and two dogs on a six mile walk/ride up to the gas station and back!  Aaron, who learned to ride w/o training wheels last summer, was doing great until a huge stickerweed popped his rear tire.  Tyler and Jackson got some good practice on our long ride, Aiden kicked back in the wagon and Lacy and Tess barely made it home, about to pass out from the heat.

With all that practice, and some urging from Mommy, Tyler practiced riding his bike without training wheels on the grass, then the driveway.  He did great and I think he was the  person most surprised that he could do it.  Good job Tyler!

Here’s a video of Tyler >>>>

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Cody Water Slides

Cody Water Slides

Whew!  We’ve had some hot days here but between Cody Pool, Cody Water Slides and our backyard’s homemade slip’n’slide, we are trying to stay cool!

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