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Sweet Baby Aiden

Sweet Baby Aiden

Just over one week ago Aiden had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  He also had new tubes put in his ears.  He is still in a lot of pain and we feel so bad for him and just want him to get better so we can have our happy Aiden back.  There are moments when he is feeling better and we know this because he will spontaneously gallop across the room, which is hilarious because his legs are so short!

I was literally in the middle of writing this post on Wednesday, Feb. 9, while we had just began watching the latest episode of “Glee”, when we heard Aiden crying and coughing over the baby monitor.  I ran upstairs and found him at the foot of his bed surrounded by his own blood.  I grabbed a towell and ran him to the car, and buckled him in while Mark grabbed coat and boots to rush him to the ER.  Aiden continued to vomit blood clots, it was very scary.

Once Mark and Aiden rolled out of the garage I called our babysitter, Brandi, to see if she could come over to watch our sleeping boys while I went to the hospital to meet Mark and Aiden.  Brandi rushed right over at 10pm and I changed out of my bloody clothes and drove to the ER.

Aiden was taken into surgery after vomiting continually.  The surgeon stitched up both sides where his tonsils had been removed, and after clearing out the blood clots discovered that underneath, he was mostly healed, he just had a few places that had been bleeding, possibly for days.  This explains his lethargy (as seen in his picture, taken a few hours before the vomiting began) and the fact that, 9 days post-op, he was having an even harder time swallowing, eating, drinking.

My parents flew out to help us the next day, which was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.  They made it possible for us to continue to take care of our other three boys and the house (which had started to look and feel grimier than the usual!).  Aiden is doing so much better, he gallops more, can eat and drink almost normally and is even back to pestering his older brothers a bit.  He doesn’t sleep very well yet but we (especially me!) are hoping that will come around soon, too!

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts for us in the past few days.  We are so happy to finally see signs that our baby is back!

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