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Happy Birthday Aunt Cindy!

Happy Birthday Aunty Cindy!  We hope it has been a great day!

We love you.

Love, Jenn, Mark, Tyler, Aaron, Jackson, Aiden and Lacy

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Three little men and a mini-van

Auto detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. It can be practiced for personal satisfaction, and it is also performed to prepare a car for car shows that feature the appearance of cars. Besides improving the appearance of cars, detailing helps to preserve the car, and thus, increases resale value, according to

For the past hour and a half, three of my sons and my husband have been “auto detailing” my 2001 Toyota Sienna, in our own front driveway.

The car looks awesome – inside and out.

Whatever shreds of chivalry and self-sacrifice my sons learn, they learn from their father, the auto-detailing-king.

Tyler, Aaron and Jackson were so proud…..while they were drying and showing off the vehicle I was wishing I had my camera but instead I preserved the image in my mind.

It was really sweet.

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there is nothing like an afternoon at the pool, tacos for dinner, and baseball out back with my four boys….
…..hmmm and new shelves around my desk installed by my sweet husband…….
and Aiden sleeping while Tyler, Aaron and Jackson play playmobil together for over an hour… should hear the stories!
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Recreational Volleyball CHAMPS!

Tonight our sand volleyball team won our first play-off game (the other team forfeit – 😉 and then we took the championship game, playing past nine o’clock on a well-lit, cricket-mosquito-filled volleyball court!  Don’t shank a serve or you’ll have to run through the sticker-weeds BAREFOOT to get the ball!  We are the recreation (not “competitive” there’s a difference) league volleyball champions of North Platte…..and we each get a tank top.

On our team this summer were our friends, Pam, Renea, Katie, Shad, Mark, me, Jeff and Brittany.  We thank our children for cheering us on, whether laughing or crying or running onto our court, in our ridiculous, fun, over-competitive endeavor.

Go Serve-irons!

(Yeah, I submitted our team name as the “Serve-ivors” and we got listed as the “Serve-irons” and it stuck.)

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Mommy, I know why we moved to North Platte

Mommy, I know why we moved to North Platte

While driving to school this morning Aaron confidently informed me of the following:

Mommy, I know why we moved to North Platte, because Daddy got a job here and because we had lots of holes in our old house and the ants were coming in and we had to put lots of traps everywhere.

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