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Adopting Lacy: She’s not in Kansas anymore

Adopting Lacy: She’s not in Kansas anymore


We made it back from Kansas!  Tyler, Aaron and Jackson and I had so much fun on our little road trip to bring Lacy home to North Platte.

The pictures start with the dirt road we took to Lacy’s first home where we met her parents and breeder.  The boys liked her instantly and she appeared very curious about them and their enthusiasm.  Lucy’s breeder, Jeanie, gave me some beautiful purple shamrock toobers to take with me for my garden and we said goodbye to Lucy’s remaining two brothers (who were going to be picked up later that day or I would have adopted them, too!)

We stopped at a park in Nebraska City for lunch and to let Lacy roam around a bit with her new pink collar and leash from Aunt Eva’s store, Mountain Green Goods.  In the car, when she wasn’t in her crate, she roamed from Tyler to Aaron to Jackson and took naps at each of their feet.  It was very sweet.  Aaron thinks of all the details regarding Lacy and Tyler willingly implements his ideas and considerations.

Once we got home we spent most of our time in the backyard, letting Lacy get used to our property and to Aiden, the only brother she hadn’t met yet.  Jackson and Lacy quickly developed a game of “chase” that they both seem to really enjoy.  Jackson runs (looking behind him, not straight ahead, of course) yelling, “Lacy! Lacy!” and she clumsily chases him.  It is as simple as that and the two have bonded!  In fact, even as I type and Lacy is sleeping on Mark’s lap as he reads, we joke that while she is asleep and shaking and jerking her paws and body sporadically, that she is dreaming of chasing Jackson.

We love the new addition to our family, of course, we haven’t had to get up in the night with her yet!

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Adopting Lacy: Getting ready for the trip to Kansas

Adopting Lacy: Getting ready for the trip to Kansas


We decided to take on another family member into our already crazy lives!  We are excited to adopt Lacy, an English Springer Spaniel pup from Berryton, KS.  The litter is AKC registered and the parents are Field Trial (not “show”) dogs (hey, I’m still learning the lingo for all this doggy stuff!).  Lacy was the smallest of her litter but seems to be doing great.  The pictures of her are from the breeder.  I love the brown spot on her head!

As we are getting ready to drive out there tomorrow (I am taking Tyler, Aaron and Jackson with me), Aiden found Lacy’s crate and crawled in just far enough to retrieve a toy we bought for her from Mountain Green Goods.  He loves it and carries it around all over the house.  He is thrilled when he can get it to squeak!

Well, I’ve read my Springer Spaniel and training books, even watched a training video, now I’ll let real life do the real teaching on all the ins and outs of raising a puppy!  I’m sure it will be a real eye opener!  I think we are all ready for the training challenge AND the opportunity to love and care for a family pet.

Anyone out there have any doggy nail trimming tips?!  I’m a little iffy on that one…..

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