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Hey, Good Lookin’ (but a better title would be “shirts, ties, and snaggle-tooths”

Around 2 am last night Tyler wandered into my room in order to drop off his front tooth that finally came out after hanging menacingly from the middle of his mouth for weeks.  The other front tooth is not far behind, it is so loose that it sort of snaggles onto his lower lip when he smiles.

Today I discovered that you can buy boys’ dress shirts and ties at the Burlington Coat Factory for 5 to 10 bucks for the two together, already matched, in a package.  In preparation for Mark’s graduation ( in 41 days!) I bought the boys each a colorful shirt, tie and dress pants for the big event in May that we have all worked so hard for.  It is a formal sit-down dinner for the families and friends of those graduating from the Nurse Anesthesia Program.  We will probably bring our awesome babysitter, Sarah, so that she can take the boys home when the ties have been yanked off and Jackson is threatening to climb onto the dessert table – or has already done so, face first into the cheesecake, which is how I picture it!

Below is a short slide show, the visual version of what I have described above.  I honestly don’t think I had ever heard the song until I downloaded it today – I just have memories of my mom singing it – probably to my dad. Enjoy!

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Smiles and Giggles

Aiden is almost 6 months old!  He loves to be tickled and bounced.  He giggles and smiles all the time.  He LOVES his big brothers and is fascinated by his HANDS!  He drinks big bottles and sleeps all night, almost every night. Aiden is a constant joy!

Jackson has mastered the game of “Memory” and sleeps in a big boy bed now.  We brush his teeth to the tune of the song, “I’ve been working on the railroad…”, with some personalization of the song – “Jackson blow your horn” and “Grandma’s in the kitchen with Jackson….”  All the kids in Jackson’s class at school look up to him and want to follow him around – hopefully he is leading them well!  He says he is a “Big Helper” at school.

Aaron has moved up to the next level of swim lessons with Tyler where he is swimming on his own at the YMCA.  I can’t believe he will be 5 in a couple weeks!  He is on track to start kindergarten in the fall and I have enrolled him and Tyler at Osgood Elementary in North Platte.  Aaron’s writing is meticulous, he is neat and orderly in everything he does.  He likes to help take special care of Aiden and when he knows we are going somewhere special he asks if he can put “jello” (hair gel) in his hair!

Tyler is reading and writing and LOVES to do “animal research” at school.  He also knows how to work the T.V. remote control!  He loves to draw intricate, colorful pictures and play Bakugan with Aaron.  In fact, Aaron and Tyler are constant companions, I don’t even think they realize how often they are together, playing and making up games and stories.  It is fun to watch.

I recently took the boys to Cleveland to visit the Science Center where there is a robot exhibit and we love to listen to books on CD in the car.  We just finished “Charlotte’s Web” and right now we are listening to “The Book of Three”.  The boys love books and stories and it is fun to watch the wheels in their heads turning while they listen intently.

They are all getting SO BIG!  Here’s some video of Aiden that you should only watch if you get a kick out of seeing babies giggle……

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