Posts made in July, 2008

Jackson’s New Word

Jackson’s pronunciation, vocabulary and combining of words is growing at a rapid pace. He has a new favorite word this week, a fairly simple one that I am surprised he hadn’t incorporated sooner. It sure is a favorite now! (And very appropriate since he turns two this Wednesday the 16th) Check it out.

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Did You Ever Own One?

Three summers later (and some rubber band, scissors and minor surgery to it) this Slip ‘n Slide still provides lots of fun on hot summer days! Thanks Amy! By the way, the Original Slip ‘n Slide first became one of the most popular hot weather pastimes for millions of youngsters in 1961. Did you ever own one?

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An Island for Ants

Who would have known an anthill could be so much fun! The boys spent the afternoon transferring ants from the driveway to an “Ant Island” they created in the old rainwater on top of our purple recycle bin. They proceeded to feed their ants hunks of melting orange, red and pink popsicles. Jackson found time to flex his muscles for the camera.

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