1st Day of School

1st Day of School


It rained this morning, on Tyler and Aaron’s first day of school (the rain started right after I took this picture!).  Tyler is in 1st grade and Aaron is in Kindergarten at Lake Maloney Elementary School.  We were a little late because we were rescuing a baby toad from our driveway (Jackson is pointing to it in the picture).  The poor little creature was displaced, along with other wildlife, when we removed two huge pine trees from our front yard yesterday.

This past Monday Tyler, Aaron and Jackson started gymnastics.  They were really into it right away!  The kids were always able to experience the trampoline, parallel bars, floor exercises, balance beam and horse and springboard to name a few stations that were set up.  It was fun to watch, especially when it was Aaron’s turn to swing on the big rope, Tarzan style, and in the middle of the quiet gym he yelled, in a very deep voice, “To infinity and beyond!”

If you would like to support their gym, Starz School of Gymnastics, the boys are selling “Barn Candles”.  Just fill in one of their names and “Starz School of Gymnastics” and they will receive credit for your order and maybe even win a prize.

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  1. School already?!?! Where did the Summer go. Love Aaron’s face!

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